Mix tapes live on

Advertising agency netplus is sharing the love with its clients—past, present and future—by resurrecting the cultural phenomenon that was the mix tape.

The agency embarked on a Valentine’s mission to cosy up to its clients by launching a website called ‘mixplus’, a digital interface where clients the agency loves, clients its lost and clients it wants can select different mix tapes after which the appropriate ’80s tunes (sourced via SoundCloud) sing out from the computer.

As its website says:

“We’ve mixed up a few lovefests this year for our treasured current clients (heart you!), for those we’ve loved and lost (miss you!), and those we yearn to work with (want you!). Kick back, dig the mixes and feel the love.”

Its ‘Over the moon’ tape features classics like Love Song by the cure and The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson, while the tape labelled ‘Empty without you’ plays lost and loved type songs, with Baby Come Back by Player and Careless Whisper by George Michael. 

Last but not least is the more suggestive tape, labelled ‘Let’s make magic’, accompanied with the hilarious caption “Whenever we spot you at a conference or stalk your Facebook page our heart flutters and our pulse races. We know timing is everything. C’mon. Let’s get together and give it another chance”, this one includes tunes like I Want You, by Marvin Gaye, and Hello by Lionel Richie.

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