A major Tinder turnoff

Legacy is an anti-tobacco organisation that was formed in 1999 following a settlement between major tobacco companies, 46 US states, the District of Columbia and five US territories. Each of states that signed onto the agreement requested that a portion of money received from the tobacco industry be used to fund an organisation dedicated to educating the public on the dangers of smoking.

Since Legacy launched its first campaign in 2000, it has contributed to dropping down smoking rates from 23 percent to the historic low of eight percent. However, this isn’t quite enough. The organisation wants to “Finish It,” and is encouraging this generation of teens to be the one that ends teen smoking for good. 

To do this, the organisation has launched a quirky new campaign that plays on the fact that smoking is actually a major turnoff to many teens that inhabit the world of Tinder.

Rather than chastising teens with images of black lungs and cancerous lips, the campaign announces that smoking is uncool, unattractive and, at its worst, not conducive to Tinder hookups. 

Fans of the movement can show their support by lip synching the track, restyling smoking images, sharing Tweets tagged with #FinishIt or wearing ‘Finish It’ gear.

The new campaign initially kicked off in August 2014 via a fast-paced video clip that called out the major tobacco companies for marketing to hipsters.

Further back, Legacy also ran a campaign on celebrities who were unknowingly serving as marketers for the tobacco industry.

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