MINI, Colenso BBDO launch ‘Danger brakes for you’

To bring the benefit of MINI’s latest technology to life, Colenso BBDO has created a new campaign – ‘Danger brakes for you’. 

A quick and simple way to explain complicated tech, the result is a series of images that show a foot, hoof or paw, each representing a potential road hazard applying the brake for the driver.

It comes as MINI promotes a growing suite of smart features, starting with automatic emergency brake assist – a feature that senses obstacles on the road in front of the car and automatically applies the car’s braking system.

Colenso BBDO Executive Creative Director, Simon Vicars, says: “We were searching for a quick and simple way to explain complicated tech. This idea felt fast and funny, which for us are the right two ingredients for making a memorable MINI campaign.”

MINI Retail and Network Marketing Manager, Victoria Abbass, says: “As cars get more advanced, humanizing the technology available becomes even more important, and the MINI brand is uniquely suited to do that in a fun way.

“’Danger brakes for you’ is visually disruptive and intriguing, but ultimately it’s so simple and that’s what we love about it.”

The clever campaign, shot by photographer Mat Baker, will roll out across social channels, print and OOH.  


Client: MINI

Client: Alex McLean, Head of Marketing

Client: Victoria Abbass, Retail and Network Marketing Manager

Agency: Colenso BBDO

Photographer: Mat Baker

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