Meta launches new inventory filters

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has introduced new filters for Facebook and Instagram Feeds, giving advertisers in English speaking markets more control over the content that appears with their ads.

These inventory filters, which are currently being rolled out in New Zealand and other English speaking markets, come with three different settings: expanded inventory, moderate inventory, and limited inventory. The expanded inventory is the default setting, while the moderate and limited inventory filters exclude content that may be considered high or medium risk, in alignment with the Global Alliance for Responsible Media’s Brand Suitability Framework.

Meta has been working closely with industry partners, including the Global Alliance for Responsible Media, to ensure that harmful content is not monetised. As part of these efforts, Meta has developed controls that align with the GARM’s Suitability Framework.

These controls will enable advertisers to choose the type of monetisable content that can appear above and below their ads. The company’s commitment to building tools that give advertisers more control over the proximity of their ads to suitable content is being driven by artificial intelligence (AI).

To ensure brand suitability controls are in place, Meta has built a multi-stage AI review system to classify content for advertisers. The AI models learn to classify content in Facebook and Instagram Feeds, including text, video, and images, to determine if it meets the company’s monetisation policies. If content does not meet these policies, it is not eligible to have ads appear above or below it. Once the content is found to be eligible for ad adjacency, the models assign it to a suitability category.

In addition to launching these inventory filters, Meta has also made its third-party verification solution for Facebook Feed available through Zefr. The company’s other Business Partners are expected to onboard in the coming months. These developments highlight Meta’s ongoing collaboration with industry partners and the critical work it is doing to meet the needs of advertisers today.

Spencer Bailey, Head of Meta NZ, expressed his excitement about the launch of these brand suitability solutions, which he believes are essential to meet the needs of advertisers today.

“We’ve spent many years working closely with partners across the industry, including the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM), to move forward industry frameworks for brand suitability, and we are proud to now launch our brand suitability solutions, which are essential to meet the needs of advertisers today. These developments highlight our ongoing collaboration with industry partners and the critical work we’re doing to meet the needs of advertisers today by providing controls and transparency. We’re excited to be rolling these tools out to our partners across Australia and New Zealand, which leverage AI as one of the driving forces behind these industry-leading solutions.”

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