Whittaker’s and Meridian announce partnership with release of ‘Brooklyn Block’

Over the last few years, we’ve seen Whittaker’s partner with a number of brands, including L&P, Lewis Road Creamery and Jelly Tip, to produce a range of interesting hybrids. And now the Porirua-based chocolate company is continuing its collaborative trend by teaming up with Meridian Energy for a new campaign, focused on renewable energy.

To celebrate the fact that Whittaker’s has chosen Meridian as its electricity provider, the chocolate company has released a limited edition ‘Brooklyn Block’ (named after Meridian’s Brooklyn Turbine).

“We love the fact that Meridian only generate from pure ingredients, like Wellington wind,” says Whittaker’s marketing manager Holly Whittaker.

To announce the new block, Whittaker’s and Meridian have released a joint video, featuring Meridian brand ambassador Jeremy Wells talking about the partnership between the two companies.     

Meridian general manager Neal Barclay says he is eager to work with Whittaker’s because of the company’s sustainability track record. 

“Customers have choice, whether it’s over chocolate or electricity,” Barclay says. “Whittaker’s share our commitment to the best ingredients and best business practices, with renewable energy at the heart of both. This can make a real difference for customers.” 

Whittaker’s has in recent years enjoyed a strong reputation among Kiwi consumers, having been chosen as the most trusted brand for five years in a row.

This record viewed alongside its long legacy in the New Zealand market makes it likely that there will be a few other brands lining up to work with the chocolate company in 2017. 

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