Media school programmes make California debut

Auckland-based Media Design School says a new collaboration in the US will provide a talent pool for blockbuster filmmakers and games studios in California.

It’s launching Media Design School of Digital Arts at NewSchool of Architecture and Design in San Diego, offering qualifications in animation, game art and programming, originally developed by the Kiwi organisation.

“Studios recruit directly from our graduate pool, in fact some of our first year students have been snapped up for part time positions by a major game studio which recognised the value they could add to projects,” says Media Design School CEO Darryn Melrose.

“The collaboration between NSAD and Media Design School is exciting and an incredible opportunity to supply the booming Californian film, television and video game industries with a new generation of specialists.”

An agreement between the two campuses will allow students to spend a term abroad as part of their academic year, an exchange of faculty, and collaboration on live industry briefs that provide students with industry experience during their studies.

Media Design School of Digital Arts at NSAD officially launched on January 31 in San Diego, attended by faculty and alumni of Media Design School.

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