Media Munchies: Nadia Lim

Earlier this week, the first issue of Nadia hit the shelves, adding yet another layer to the success of celebrity chef Nadia Lim. And while her hands are certainly full managing a business, coming up with new recipes and being a mum, even media juggernauts have a few guilty media pleasures. And in the case of Lim, it involves getting a sneaky dose of celebrity goss. 

What media do you wake up to? 

I wake up to the sound of a hungry baby these days … does that count?

What TV shows are you watching at the moment? And how are you watching them? 

Mr Robot on Lightbox and Westworld on Neon.

What music are you listening to at the moment? And how are you listening to it? 

Foals, Fat Freddy’s, Shape Shifter are on my current playlist I’m listening to as I write this, via Spotify.

What are you reading at the moment? And how are you reading it? 

I’m reading a book on baby-led weaning as a book. 

Do you use social media? 

Yep, lots. Gotta keep in touch with my 250,000 plus fans.

What’s your favourite website? 

Mine? Haha! there’s a lot of awesome recipes up there, just saying.

What’s your favourite magazine? 

Nadia magazine… it’s just hit the shelves.

What’s your favourite app? 


What’s your guilty media pleasure? 

Probably flicking through the weekly women’s mags and looking at the celeb paparazzi section every now and again when I’m at the checkout.

What media do you go to sleep with? 

None. I make sure my phone is on flight mode and I don’t like looking at any screens at least 30-60 minutes before bed

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