Media Munchies: Chelsea Winter

Many MasterChef contestants quickly fade from view. But, with a big social following, the launch of a popular cookbook and a gig as Woman’s Day’s food columnist, Chelsea Winter has created her own thriving culinary empire. Here’s what she eats for media lunch. 

What media do you wake  up to? 

My Facebook page. It’s been heaving with so many fantastic photos of recipes from my latest book. It’s just amazing and humbling to see. People are so cool.  

What TV shows are you watching at the moment? And how are you watching them? 

I must admit I’m not usually much of a TV watcher as I’m so busy. However, recently, I discovered Netflix and I’ve been giving Downton Abbey a good going over. That Matthew is a real dreamboat.

What music are you listening to at the moment? And how are you listening to it? 

I listen to music all day long, whether I’m in the office, car or kitchen. And I like to sing along loudly with reckless abandon. I believe it’s good for the body and mind, a bit like meditating. I have a Spotify playlist called Homemade Happiness, which is the title of my book. I’ve made it public and it has all the songs I listened to when I was creating the recipes. 

What’s your favoured social media platform? Is it a blessing or a curse? 

Facebook, and I definitely see it as a blessing. My page seems to be an anomaly. The internet can be an ugly place, but even with nearly 260,000 fans, there’s virtually no cyber bullying or trolls or nastiness on my patch. Just a whole lot of New Zealanders who love food and a laugh. And we all know people who love food are the best kind of people. The feedback that I get from my page is that people see what others have made and they feel inspired. They feel that if everyone else is doing it, they’re brave enough to give it a crack too. It’s making a difference in people’s lives in a way I could have never anticipated.  

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Posted by Chelsea Winter on Saturday, 13 February 2016

Where do you get your news? 

I find the news depressing and/or sensationalist a lot of the time. Sometimes I’m so absorbed with what I’m doing (like when I’m writing a cookbook or on tour) I won’t read the news for days or even weeks. I hear it trickle in through the grapevine. I do enjoy the 6 o’clock news, though. And I read The Onion.

What are you reading at the moment? And how are  you reading it? 

I just finished I am Pilgrim, and next up is Girl on a Train. I prefer real books to ebooks. I love a bookshelf crammed with good weighty novels. 

What’s your favourite magazine? 

Depends what I’m in the mood for. I’m game for anything if it’s lying around. 

What’s your favourite app? 

Whatsapp and Google Maps. I’ve also been building a new house, so Houzz has been a go-to. 

What’s your favourite radio station and/or podcast?  

If Spotify isn’t available, I’ll just channel surf to find stations that play good music. Solid Gold FM and the like. Man, there is some really bad music out there these days. I’m turning into a grumpy old man on the back porch here. Most of it sounds like a noisy racket to me. Thankfully, we have awesome home-grown talent here in New Zealand. 

What’s your guilty media pleasure? 

Using my phone too much. I have to make an effort to put it down and leave it sometimes. 

What media do you go to  sleep with? 

Just a good book. No screens before bedtime is the rule I try and stick to. 

  • This interview originally appeared in the January/February edition of NZ Marketing. 

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