A media legend gets a fond farewell

Longtime Daily Show host Jon Stewart bowed out today after 16 years. And the tributes flowed. Here are a few of the best. 

Comedy Central bought a full page ad in The New York Times that riffed on his regular ‘moment of zen’ closing. 

Arby’s, a regular target of Stewart’s barbs, thanked him for his ‘attention’.  

Past correspondent Steven Colbert made Stewart tear up. And many others who have worked on the show praised him at the start of the final show. 

Bill O’Reilly even got in on the act with his own ‘appreciation’ (but, not to be outdone, Stewart gave his own fond farewell to Fox News). 

Canadian activists hacked Donald Trump’s website and used it to praise Stewart. 

And for a lovely recounting of the often important role he has played, check out Finlay McDonald’s great piece on his very un-American behaviour on The Spinoff. We hope his replacement Trevor Noah can replicate some of it. 

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