Masterchef or master of mixing the packet gravy? Maggi reminds us of an easier accompaniment—UPDATED

In a television age dominated by reality cooking shows like Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules, no doubt many of us feel we need to step up our game in the kitchen, and make sure each dish has at least one food source which is impossible to pronounce or perhaps includes kale from a remote region of New Zealand which has grown to the sound of children’s laughter and been watered only with water collected from a luscious mountain stream, or some chia seeds, or maybe some salted caramel topped with cream churned by the feet of baby ducks. But considering most of us don’t have the time or money to regularly produce artisan cuisines, sometimes we just want to whip up something quick, something we know improves the taste of our meal and something that won’t make us recoil from the state of our bank balances, like some ready-made gravy paste by Maggi.

This new TVC for Maggi’s ‘Homestyle Gravy’ (which seems to be a step up from its classic powdered gravy) by Mediaworks and directed by Helena Brooks gives a humorous take on the tension around the dinner table and the pressure to come up with a new meal that the family will enjoy night after night.

It features TV presenter Jaquie Brown playing all of the family archetypes around the dinner table: the fussy child, the antisocial teen, the overworked husband and the mother who’s been tasked with coming up with a tasty dinner for the lot.

But never fear, Maggi gravy is here to save the day and might even be the perfect accompaniment to that kale … or maybe not. 

Nestle says gravy sales are currently meeting its expected run rates in FoodStuffs, however it is still building to distribution targets. Countdown is yet to confirm ranging.

In 2014, Maggi’s above the line support was via Brand World, which delivered rational product messages announcing the launch of Maggi Best Ever Beef Burger recipe mix and a second execution focused on the Maggi Stock Melts. It teamed up with Mediaworks for the first time early this year to bring to market an integrated Maggi Fresh Ideas Campaign designed to support multiple products within the Maggi portfolio and “connect with our consumers with a consistent message, wherever they engage”. 

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