The meat and bones of insurance

Carnivore Club, an artisan meat club thay delivers monthly to its members, has launched a hilarious new advertising campaign under the guise of a fake insurance company called ‘F-up insurance’.

The club has even created a website, appropriately called ‘F-up insurance.com’ which features information about what you can get away with if you’ve purchased a Carnivore Club subscription for your loved one.

“They’ll be so happy they won’t care how bad you screw up. Are you prone to accidents, misunderstandings, brain farts, stupid suggestions, lapses in judgment, forgetfulness, unintentional insults, or terrible ideas? Then F-Up Insurance is right for you. Don’t wait for your next mistake to happen. Get yours today!”

The best part is a video on the website’s homepage, which features a man walking into his room to find his wife cheating on him:

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