The Compendium: 5 February

Expert Super Bowl troller Newcastle Brown Ale has been taking the mick out of the marketing efforts of other brands for a couple of years now. And it’s continuing that trend by releasing a teaser ahead of next year’s Big Game.

The follow-up to the best bus commercial ever made. And this one might be even better. 

Super Bowl ads made better with Lego.


On the road, with Jack. 

Joel McHale explains his own unique fitness routine—and Fitbit’s charity initiative.

Why unicorns don’t exist. 

HTC spent up large with Robert Downey Jr last year. Now it’s rapping about how great it is and how bad Apple and Samsung are. 

If you liked Too Many Cooks, you’ll probably like this too. 

A clever use of multiple mobile screens. 

This weather guy just rolls with it. 

Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart engage in a lip synch battle. And here’s Fallon’s take on the Fresh Prince. 

Ultimate India. 

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