How brands celebrate reaching one million Facebook fans

The McDonald’s Australia Facebook page recently reached the milestone of one million Facebook fans and, to celebrate this milestone, the fast food chain produced a quirky ’80s-video-game-inspired cartoon that succinctly relays the full range of common interactions that brands have with consumers via social media. It also seems that McDonald’s is continuing its trend of honesty by including various references that allude to complaints from fans.        

But McDonald’s isn’t the only brand to celebrate surpassing one million fans with a video. Lynx celebrated its success by creating an elaborate Rube Golberg machine that went through a series of knock-on steps before dousing a typically handsome guy in far too much deodorant.     

Land Rover’s celebratory video was equally creative, with the automobile manufacturer using paper engineering to take viewers on a trek through varying terrain.     

And when KLM reached the one-million mark, it pretty much produced a film of its employees faking smiles while doing their jobs. 

But while reaching a million Facebook fans is no mean feat, all these brands could take a few pointers from the Cartoon Network, which last year celebrated the milestone of reaching 20 million Facebook fans. 

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