50 shades of foundation: Maybelline and .99 use YouTube to help consumers choose

Maybelline has released a new campaign called ‘Love your face’ that uses YouTube’s interactive technology with the aim of making it easier for consumers to find foundation that matches their skin types. 

The campaign was created by agency .99 in partnership with Maybelline New York and comes at a time when the makeup brand is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

According to a release, the campaign aims to “make buyers’ remorse a thing of the past for foundation-wearing New Zealanders” by enabling them to make an informed decision before finalising a purchase.    

.99 says the ‘Love Your Face’ campaign is the first local campaign to use YouTube’s Cards mobile capability and YouTube Annotations for desktop to “bring to life an interactive, pick-a-path video that enables Kiwi women to find their perfect fit Maybelline foundation”.

“Smart content is a growing part of our offering,” says .99 and justONE managing director Ben Goodale. “It’s great to be the first in New Zealand to successfully execute pick-a-path navigation using YouTube Cards for mobile devices; there’s no doubt this tool was the right fit for this project. This features 60 minutes of content but, due to the smarts involved, consumers only experience what is relevant.”

The campaign uses the help of up-and-coming beauty vloggers Olivia Mead, Bonnie Hu and Hannah Carson, and requires viewers to pick a path depending on their skin types and coverage preferences.

“Picking the right foundation can be a really daunting task. However, we didn’t just want to simplify that process – whatever we did, needed to be engaging and relevant for all women who watched our interactive vlog,” says Maybelline New York NZ senior product manager Carolyn Aldridge. “.99 has delivered on both of these, and brought this campaign to life beautifully.” 

The Love Your Face campaign has been launched via YouTube, but will also be supported by a range of social media and in-store channels, including Facebook promotions, and mall-based and point-of-sale activations. 

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