MarketMedia and oOh!media light up screens in The Warehouse and Noel Leeming

MarketMedia, The Warehouse Group’s retail media arm, has announced a partnership with oOh!media to launch digital screens in all The Warehouse and Noel Leeming stores.

MarketMedia helps suppliers and advertisers to directly engage with New Zealand’s largest integrated retail audience.

The in-store digital screen network will feature state-of-the-art panels in all The Warehouse and Noel Leeming Stores, with 120 screens live in time for the Black Friday and Christmas trading season. By mid-2024, more than 330 freestanding and window screens will be installed across all stores, as well as connecting existing screens into the new proposition.

As oOh!media’s launch partner for their recently announced reooh retail media offering, this partnership extends MarketMedia’s offering suppliers and advertisers the opportunity to engage with customers in a dynamic and immersive way.

The Warehouse Group Chief Customer and Sales Officer Jonathan Waecker says: “We’re thrilled to partner with Australasia’s leading large-format advertising company to extend MarketMedia into digital screens across all of The Warehouse and Noel Leeming stores. 

“Advertisers and suppliers will be able to book in-store digital screens alongside other MarketMedia retail media advertising placements, including placing ads across our ecommerce sites, Pinterest, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and The Trade Desk, giving marketers access to over 70 additional platforms. 

“Today’s shoppers crave immersive, experiential interactions both in-store and online, and expect advertising to seamlessly connect them with beloved brands in format that resonates with them. 

“We’re excited to give our brand partners the ability to reach those shoppers while in-store with high-quality digital executions – with many suppliers already placing forward bookings. Our launch partners include Google, Lego, Meadowfresh, Bose, One NZ and Microsoft.

“We boast New Zealand’s largest integrated retail audience across our online stores, apps, and millions of weekly visits to The Warehouse, Noel Leeming, TheMarket, Warehouse Stationery and Torpedo7. The opportunity MarketMedia presents to our suppliers is massive and we’re keen to hear from anyone who wants to reach New Zealand’s largest integrated retail audience.”

In-store screens will be available to purchase through the MarketMedia sales team or through the MarketMedia self-service portal, which gives advertisers complete control over their campaigns with closed loop reporting. This level of transparency and control allows advertisers to fine-tune their strategies and reach their audiences in real time. 

The partnership with oOh!’s retail media arm, reooh and MarketMedia with redefines the way advertisers connect with consumers.

oOh!media’s Chief Content, Marketing & Creative Officer Neil Ackland says The Warehouse Group has become the foundation client for reooh in Australia and New Zealand.

“This partnership presents an incredible opportunity for reooh to collaborate with New Zealand’s largest retailer and one of the most innovative players in the ANZ retail media landscape. 

“Leveraging the expertise of reooh, The Warehouse Group have invested in a premium instore screen network that provides advertisers with a powerful opportunity to influence the path to purchase in a contextual environment, in time for the biggest retail period of the year.”

MarketMedia Head of Strategy and Media Alex Lawson said partnership with reooh is a match made in heaven.

“Working with reooh, with their level of scale and expertise in Australia and New Zealand, was an easy choice for us, and the partnership is one that will bear fruit for many years.”

“As MarketMedia’s digital screen network prepares to go live in time for the holiday shopping season, it underlines our commitment to delivering engaging, meaningful experiences for our customers while simultaneously driving business growth and strengthening brand connections.”

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