Mammoth and Shine dip it, dip it real good

Youtube VideoIf men had their way, chips and dip would probably have its own segment on the food pyramid. And now, following on from the very successful launch of Mammoth Supply Co. yogurt, ice-cream and iced coffee ranges last year, Fonterra and Shine have referenced that manly desire with a very funny new ad for its new range of peri-peri, Kiwi onion, nacho cheese and spare rib dips that makes fun of nerds and nibbles and once again features the husky cowboy tones of Sam Elliot.

Obviously, it was important to get the men on side, but part of the original strategy after launch was to try and avoid alienating the female audience and, ideally, convince them to buy Mammoth so the menfolk wouldn’t feel quite so emasculated when they looked in the fridge. Despite the over-the-top masculinity on display in the launch campaign and this most recent ad, which was directed by Wade Shotter from Flying Fish, it seems the products have also found favour with females, as a couple of comments about the dips on the Mammoth Facebook page attest. “Your dips are amazing…. I am a vegetarian and am still packing away the spare rib dip….. I feel so masculine and I am scared lol…” or “Peri peri dip blows my mind right out of my head!! Can’t……stop…..eating.” Who says you can’t have your cake/yogurt/dip and eat it too?

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