Macho man! Tropical hockey! Snickers! Fake John Key! Coke! Milk! Punmanship! Sexy helicopters!

Youtube Video RIP Macho Man Randy Savage. Thanks for all the ridiculous, OTT, steroid-inspired memories.

Youtube Video Typical. Aussies claiming victory through duplicitous (but comical) means in this new ad for Vegemite. And here’s another.

Youtube Video First Betty White. Then Joe Pesci. Then Don Rickles. Who’s next? We vote Don Brash. And while we’re on the topic of Snickers, there’s no better wedding present than a chainsaw sculpture.

Youtube Video John Key’s guide to Kiwi pronunciation.

Youtube Video Handing out coke in Colombia is already fairly common. But this is rather more unusual.

First Arcade Fire, now this fine bit of interactive trickery by Chris Milk and Google; the best headline of the week; it’s that time again, helicopter mating season; and a novel take on the business card.

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