Low hanging fruit? Rebel Sport honours the Blackcaps—and their comparatively large genitals

The Blackcaps’ decimation of England on Friday was a joy for many Kiwis to behold. Rebel Sport took the opportunity to congratulate the lads on the win with a print ad that ran on Saturday. And no words were needed to convey the sense of smugness. 

Rebel Sport also posted the image on its Facebook page with ‘Just gonna leave this here…’ written alongside and it got plenty of laughs in the comments. But, given it has been fairly earnest in its recent ads, with poetic odes to summer and winter and a series of spots showing sports stars, including Corey Anderson, in slow motion action, the ‘we’ve got bigger dicks than you/my dad could beat your dad in a fight/na na na naaaaa naaaaa/throwing faeces in your general direction’ approach is a bit of a departure, some might even say Australian-esque. 

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