Healthy food is for suckers

American comedy Parks and Recreation, set in the fictional town of Pawnee, has now released a fictional burger joint commercial for a fictional burger joint – Paunch Burger, which we’re sure die hard fans will recognise. 

The faux commercial aired after a recent episode of Parks and Rec and is deceivingly realistic, close to the kind of commercials you’d see for Wendy’s or Burger King. 

A gigantic burger drops down from the top of the screen with three huge meat patties, processed-looking cheese, and enough bacon to give someone an instant heart attack.

The ad pretty much sums up Paunch Burger’s reputation in the series, of shaming people into eating huge amounts of fatty food, with the narrator saying “Healthy food is for suckers. It tastes like garbage and if you say you like it you’re a chump and a liar… Put it in your body or you’re a nerd!”

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