A lovely little holiday with Putin

Going on holiday is usually a time when we try to put our phones away, get our books out and relax. But there are those among us that just have to be connected, constantly, which Lithuanian news site 15 Min has executed beautifully in these holiday snaps, featuring some well-known faces.

The ads, by agency New!, feature beach settings and the faint outline of smartphones, on the other side of the smartphones are the faces we see plastered over the media the most: Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel. The images make it appear as if someone on holiday has brought either the billionaire-turned-politician, the German Chancellor or the Russian president with them for a lovely, relaxing holiday on the beach.

The idea behind the campaign is that readers can ‘Stay with the news, even on holiday’ and have up-to-the-minute information no matter where they are. 

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