Cavalier Bremworth takes a fashion forward approach with its new look and carpet

Cavalier Bremworth has undergone a transformation, via Federation, led by a new product and look. And giving the brand a new lease on life, the beautiful creative work is not what you would typically expect from a carpet company. 

The new look according to product and marketing manager Rochelle Flint has been an attempt to make the brand about lifestyle, marrying it up with fashion, food and film. However, in doing this, the brand itself has been changed as little as possible she says, because it wants to remain the same well-known Kiwi brand that has won the most trusted carpet brand in New Zealand, in a Readers Digest survey, for the last three years.

Instead, marking the new direction is a TVC, which connects carpet to fashion. Flint describes it “abstract”, which she says was a necessary approach to create interest in the category.

“Showing carpet in a room with a couch and a couple of kids on it is what everyone is doing”, she says, so it ws decided to dial up the fashion element element in its ads.

The carpet company has also taken its fashionable message across its online channels, with its Instagram featuring posts of clothes, matching nail polish and carpet. 

Curlicue made from 100% Pure New Zealand Wool is warm, luxurious and soft to the touch

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Stay tuned for an exciting collaboration….

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It’s website, which went live earlier this month, also features a quote by Coco Chanel: “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”.

As well as the hero TVC, there will also be 30-second videos showcasing the individual stories of the new Cavalier Bremworth’s materials, which launched earlier this month.

One of those is the Siren range, created with Econyl fibre, which is made from recycled synthetics including fish nets.

Flint says the brand is keen to drive positive change in the carpet category and the sustainable material is a response to customers caring about quality and the story behind what they are buying.

“Sustainability in other parts of the world is enormous and we can see that it will become big here too,” she says. “At the moment we can see that it is not a major driver but it is a consideration for consumers in New Zealand and carpet is a big purchase and it’s an important one, and people tend to do quite a bit of research into their flooring options before their purchase.”

The other two new materials on offer continue the sustainability theme, with Jive range being wool and the nylon Valour range partially using recycled wear.

Flint says not so long ago, Cavalier Bremworth was effectively a wool house, but synthetic fibres are continually expanding. However, with the Siren range only available in the Australasian market, the brand will continue to be known for its wool overseas.

The change in direction comes after its share price hit 35 cents last year, with Flint saying the company wasn’t doing very well. However, off the back of a recent positive earnings revision, its share price hit a 52 week high of 95 cents earlier this month.

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