Live on-air: Pitchblack Partners wins Lumo Pixel

Pitchblack Partners’ creativity goes above and beyond in their latest campaign for Radio Hauraki, which took out the latest round of the Lumo Pixel Awards.

Created by Liz Richards and Nick Dellabarca, the campaign took on-air headlines and sound bites from Radio Hauraki and displayed them across Lumo’s digital outdoor screens for commuters across the country to see.

Those who witnessed the changing headlines on Lumo’s billboards were seeing real-time conversations, transferred via a group chat of the agency creatives and radio producers, who selected sound bites during the show.

“Pitchblack Partners’ campaign for Radio Hauraki was a real stand-out due to its timing in our post-lockdown environment, strong branding, and effective use of keeping messaging relevant and engaging,” says Lumo CEO, Phil Clemas.

Liz Richards says the entry was created as a contrast to the gloominess of the news and current events going on right now such as the pandemic, riots, and financial crisis.

“Sometimes you need a break from that on your morning commute and, over on Radio Hauraki, they’re probably discussing something a bit more light-hearted, says Richards.

“So to encourage drivers to tune in to Matt Heath & Jeremy Wells on the Radio Hauraki Breakfast show, from 6am to 10am each morning, we used the Lumo network to show, in real-time, what is being discussed on air at that exact moment.”

Judging for the Lumo Pixel Awards was challenging due to the number of unique ideas that had been refined to Lumo’s technological offerings.

Stanley St’s Kim Ellison, who was one of the judges, says “We all agreed that the real winners were the entries that used the Lumo technology innovatively but still stayed true to the brand essence.”

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