Live Ocean launch ‘The Real Watergate’ via DDB Group Aotearoa and VICE

DDB Group Aotearoa, Live Ocean, and VICE have teamed up to present ‘The Real Watergate,’ an initiative that aims to raise awareness of the ocean’s vital role in addressing climate change.

On World Ocean Day 2023, renowned ocean advocates from around the world united to call for urgent action to prioritise the health of the ocean. ‘The Real Watergate’ reveals the vital role a healthy ocean plays as our greatest ally in the fight against climate change, highlighting how it’s done the heavy lifting for us as the planet’s largest carbon sink and kept global temperatures at a habitable level. 

Created to reframe how we see the ocean in a way that challenges our assumptions and opens our eyes. the campaign features an interactive website brimming with ‘evidence’ that educates and entertains, showcasing the oceans’ ability to shield us against catastrophic global warming. An exposé-style film produced by DDB Group Aotearoa and VICE was launched, supported by multiple social edits tailored for ocean advocates, with out-of-home advertisements running alongside editorial content on VICE channels.

Matty Burton, Group Chief Creative Officer at DDB Aotearoa says:  “We are thrilled to be part of this initiative, the website and interactive resources serve as a pivotal platform to creatively raise awareness about ocean health, emphasising its crucial role in combating climate change and inspiring meaningful action.”

Anna Lawrence, Head of Video at VICE, expressed her enthusiasm towards the work. “We believe in the power of storytelling to create change. We hope the film we have developed for this campaign ignites conversations and encourage individuals, as well as policymakers, to prioritise the health of the ocean.”

Sally Paterson, CEO of Live Ocean Foundation, emphasised the urgency of the campaign, saying: “The ocean has been covering for us in a big way, absorbing around 90 percent of the extra heat we’ve produced since the industrial revolution. It is our greatest ally in the fight against climate change, so coming together to take the message of ocean health to New Zealanders and a global audience is something we’re really proud of.”

The Real Watergate campaign is running across digital/web, social media, outdoor and PR.

Client Credits: 
CEO: Sally Paterson 
Group Brand and Communications Manager: Jodie Bakewell-White 
Digital and Partnerships Manager: Elaine Harris 

Agency Credits: 
DDB Group Aotearoa 

VICE credits: 
Director/DOP/Lead Editor: Josh Mullins 
Producer: Anna Lawrence 
Editor: Simon Knox 
Design: Marli Blanche 
Senior Project Manager: Shaunagh Scott 
Partnership Manager: Jaimee Tessmann

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