A little more conversation: TVNZ’s Ian Howard on the power of social

In the third instalment of TVNZ’s Future Now series, digital and social media specialist Ian Howard discusses how Kiwi advertisers can use social networks to open up conversations with their customers, create a community around a brand, generate engagement and drive sales.

“Advertisers are able to get people talking about their products on platforms, and with huge audiences, in a way that they weren’t able to before,” says Howard.

TVNZ’s take on how to increase social media conversations around your brand: 

  • Video content drives social media conversations. People have always talked about TV. Social media has brought those conversations into real time, with the world.
  • Strength of content is imperative. If people naturally want to talk about your content, social media empowers them to do it instantly; enabling conversations about advertisers’ products on platforms with huge audiences, in a new way.
  • Advertisers can monetise social media through integration. Popular shows like Shortland Street drive a lot of conversations on social media, allowing advertiser messages to reach further. Word-of-mouth (now driven through social media conversations) has always been important to the marketing mix.
  • Future value of social media for advertisers lies in innovation. Creating influential conversations allows viewers to both actively engage with the show and with integrated advertiser messages.

If this two minute version whets your whistle, check out the full version here. And here’s Tom Cotter and Andrew Shaw. 

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