Lion Red harks back to the glory days

Nostalgia certainly worked for Steinlager last year when it brought back the white can for the RWC. So Lion has decided to take a leaf out of that book for Lion Red by bringing back a limited edition number from 1972 to celebrate 40 years of red cans. 

First brewed by the Great Northern Brewery in 1907, Lion Red, as it is now known, has a long history in the hands of Kiwi blokes. Although, with the changing beer palate, mainstream beers certainly aren’t in quite as many blokes’ hands as they were back in 1972. So, perhaps in an effort to hark back to those glory says, the soon-to-be-released can, which was redesigned by Dow, features the 70s Lion logo and is being sold under its original name, Lion Beer. Unlike Steinlager, however, there will be no big above-the-line campaign to promote it.

Also, Lion Red packaging will be the first to incorporate a drink-driving message: “Stop a mate driving drunk Bloody Legend.”

We’ve got a couple of Lion Red prize packages to give away. So tell us what else you’d like to bring back.

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