Lindauer celebrates Girls’ Night Out with Boys’ Night In

The various ‘Look At These People Having More Fun Than You at Fancy Events’ sections in the nation’s magazines and newspapers have a powerful pull on the often judgemental, fame seeking human animal. So, in a continuation of Lindauer and DDB’s ‘Don’t Worry Boys’—and in a continuation of its vow to never show the target market—it got tactical by “hijacking” The Sunday Star Times’ ‘About Town’ section (or in this case the ‘Around Town’ section) and showed all the gormless, despondent male partners who were left at home to do ironing, eat pizza, pat cats on stairs and watch TV with men friends on Lindauer’s National Girls’ Night Out last week. 

Little did the girls know that StopPress saw all of these men at Showgirls later that night.  

And in another girl power stunt, the brand also gave female revellers an opportunity to throw men off their scent on the night by giving them the Lindauer numberto hand out. 

“We know there’s been a time you’ve given out a fake number to throw off unwanted attention on a Girls’ Night Out. How about tonight, instead of the false digits, give out The Lindauer Number 027 703 4598 and we’ll look after the boys for you.” 

The voice message asks to send a text and, after legal approvals have been given, screengrabs of the messages will be posted on Facebook (with blurred out number and names).

FOR LINDAUER ‘Don’t Worry Boys’ –

DDB Group New Zealand

Client:  Lion Nathan
Product:  Lindauer
Published – Sunday 11th November, 2012

Lion Nathan:
Marketing Manager – Wine – Susan Cassidy
Brand Manager – Lindauer – Kylie Biddle


Creative Director – Andy Fackrell

Business Director – Angela Watson
Art Director – Julia Ferrier
Copywriter – Jennie Liddell
Photographer: Sonya Nagels
Account Manager: Maria Bjorkman
Mac Operator: Graham Bannister

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