Absolut and Ogilvy inspire more uniqueness by opening the Facebook floodgates

Absolut’s latest artistic innovation is, as per usual, pretty impressive, with the company rejigging its entire production process in an effort to create unique patterns on four million bottles. There are only 4,800 of them available in New Zealand and, judging by the number of co-workers fawning over the bottle sitting on the StopPress desk, they might not be around for too long. But fans of the brand and its creative MO have an opportunity to get the next best thing by creating their own personalised bottle online. 

Ogilvy is supporting the local launch of Absolut Unique and the first part of that is a Facebook app where users can upload a photo of themselves or connect to Facebook and generate their own personalised bottle design. There’s some research that shows booze aids problem solving and creativity (there’s even a paper written by the appropriately named A. Beveridge on the matter), so this tool has combined both. And, almost like the more alcoholic version of Share a Coke, which Ogilvy is also behind, the creation is even topped off with your own name. 

All those who create their own bottle go into the draw to win a piece of art from the Cut Collective valued at $10,000. And, of course, there’s also the option to share your bottle with the Facebook masses and check out the gallery. 

“The idea is off to a strong start with hundreds of user-generate bottles populating the gallery and lots of social sharing across the Facebook platform,” says Ogilvy’s executive director Paul Manning. “It’s also supported by digital advertising and some forthcoming ambient/experiential activity in some of Auckland’s top nightspots.” 

Kathryn Love, marketing manager for Absolut in New Zealand says this campaign is pretty daring, even for a company this passionate about creativity. 

“Absolut Unique feels a bit ‘mad scientist,’ a bit
street art. They’re really striking bottles,” she says. “A
lot of world-class creators have made their interpretations of Absolut’s iconic
bottle. But this time Absolut was the artist.” 

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