Life takes strength: Anchor promotes the power of protein

Anchor has unveiled the next round of its ‘Go Strong’ brand platform, via Colenso BBDO, to promote its new range of Anchor Protein+ products as the providers of the strength needed to get through life.

The 30-second launch spot is led by a narrator who runs through a range of activities that require strength, such as starting a start-up, football and marathon training, and it’s a message that’s supported by a montage of clips showing Kiwis consuming 11 of Anchor’s Protein+ products.

Colenso BBDO executive creative director Steve Cochran says the brief asked the agency to introduce the complete range, show occasions throughout the day it might be used and show reasons why people might need protein in their lives.

He says the combination made for a full and energetic ad.

General manager of Anchor Otavio Faccina says research shows that protein is better consumed throughout the day rather than simply at the end of it and this range of products is to help ordinary Kiwis to achieve exactly that.

The idea of strength builds on Anchor’s ‘Go Strong‘ brand platform launched early last year, to celebrate the fact strength can manifest itself in a number of ways that have little to do with physicality.

Since then, the resulting creative—’X-Ray cast‘ and ‘Milk Slams‘—has gone on to win Colenso BBDO two golds at the Axis Awards and multiple Cannes Lions

As well as the TVC, this latest campaign is also running across radio, OOH, PR, digital and social content and it is complimented with numerous brand activations.

The latest campaign comes as the brand faces criticism for misleading consumers about the benefits of its light-proof milk bottles.

Fonterra claimed the light-proof packaging protects the vitamins and nutrients in milk, however, last week Consumer NZ presented results that show the packaging makes no difference,

According to Consumer NZ, there is “minuscule” difference in the nutritional value of trim milk in opaque bottles compared to trim milk of other brands in transparent bottles, and its chief executive Sue Chetwin says that means Fonterra might have been misleading consumers.

Fonterra has now changed the description on the Anchor website to refer to the taste difference of milk in light-proof bottles rather than a nutritional benefit.

“There’s little excuse for a company the size of Fonterra to be using claims that are unclear or may potentially mislead consumers,” Chetwin says.


Client: Fonterra
GM Anchor: Otavio Faccina
Marketing manager: Kevin Taffs

Creative agency: Colenso BBDO
Media agency: MediaCom
Shopper: Raydar
Activation & PR: Colenso BBDO

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