Koala warns of the dangers of staying in bed

It goes without saying people love a good mattress, but how do suppliers get consumers excited about buying a new one? Koala is a new mattress company in the New Zealand mix and it’s hoping some reverse psychology will bring in the buyers.

While many mattress ads tend to favour shots of people “enjoying a good night’s sleep” and discussing how much their life has improved, Koala has taken a different approach. Instead of telling the audience about how good the mattress is, it instead points out the dangers of buying a Koala Mattress in a video about a man whose life fell apart when he didn’t leave bed for three weeks. He lost his friends, his job and his wife, who left him for a more active man.

Even when Koala does chooses to highlight the features of its mattresses, it does so without words. A second video shared on its Facebook page shows a glass of red wine remaining upright on a mattress even after a man jumps on it.

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