The glorious spectacle of men’s synchronised swimming

Golf, handball, BMX, gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics have all made the list of Olympic sports and Chubbies Shorts wants men’s synchronised swimming to be the next.

​In a video to promote its summer games collection, the American clothing company created a men’s synchronised swimming team.

However, unlike the usual dramatic face paint, sequined swimsuits and pointed toes seen in the games, this manly routine includes eating pizza, throwing around an inflatable whale, taking a call and typing on a laptop, enjoying a beer and playing some football all in near-perfect synchronisation. And yes, you can buy the tear-away swimming trunks.

If Chubbies Shorts is serious about getting a men’s version of the sport into the games, it will have to take it up with some of the powers that be.

In 2009, a young male German synchronised swimmer walked away from the sport when he found his dream to compete with his female team in the 2012 London Olympics wouldn’t come true because in international competitions it’s a female-only sport

In the Olymics, synchronised swimming is joined by rhythmic gymnastics as the only female-only sports.

However, if men’s synchronised swimming was to make it into the Olympics, the Chubbies Shorts team would have to lose the props because the only equipment allowed is a nose clip. The men may also want to scrub up on their technical moves and lifts.

Image from: ‘How to Watch the Olympics’ by David Goldblatt and Johnny Acton, with diagrams by Belinda Evans. 

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