Kiwi brands dabble in scare tactics for Halloween

Spark is turning first world problems into first world scares with a series of giff tweets featuring Scream Queens, The Shining and American Horror Story. We all feel the fear of texting the person you were talking about, dropping our phone in the loo or double tapping on Instagram by accident. We’ve lolled to nine already – keep them coming Spark!

Hallensteins’ Scratch It, Cash It promotion sends an email to customers’ accounts with an online version of a scratchie (only available on mobile). Moving their fingers over a gold virtual circle to reveal a prize underneath, they can win up to 50 percent or $100 off. It’s much better than nails on a chalkboard. 

Homes.co.nz had some timely statistics to deliver to its database today. It’s seems the horror story classic A Nightmare On Elm Street has made a lasting impression on house prices.

The average cost of a home in Elm Street, Avondale, is $200,000 cheaper than its suburb average, at a street with the same name in Wanganui it’s 35 per cent less than its suburb average and in Gisborne it’s 6.66 per cent less – the devil’s number! Can it all be a coincidence?

“This analysis is about as lightweight as you could get, but made us laugh so thought it worth sharing around,” says head of marketing Jeremy O’Hanlon.

Motat hosted an elaborate masquerade this weekend with a Game of Thrones inspired promotion. Called ‘What Lies Behind The Mask?’ the advertising for the ball harked back to the HBO show’s posters for the last season, with masks instead of characters’ faces in the GOT world’s Hall of Faces. How many guests seized the opportunity to say ‘A girl has no name’ when asked for their number?

Halloween is Hell’s favourite time of year so it’s no surprise they had a Zombie promotion ready and running, offering free (lamb) brains crumbled on any pizza in October. On the day itself it offers a discount on all double pizzas, just say Candyman three times when ordering. They dare you.

In honour of Halloween The Warehouse changes its name to The Scarehouse. It’s not awkward at all that the NZ Herald reported two of its swing products have been recalled for ‘fear of death’ in the lead up to the holiday.

The Pak n’ Save’s stickman found quite a sinister slogan for Halloween….

New World took it a step further with their own custom signs, available to print from their online store. Coming in two options, with a ‘welcome’ or ‘no thanks’ customers can choose whether to be the Grinch of Halloween or not.

Air New Zealand Australia’s new mascot, Dave the goose, started some Trans-Tasman banter with Air New Zealand’s kiwi twitter followers when they dressed him up as our national bird today. Luckily, the local Air New Zealand twitter team and its fairy had a costume up their sleeve.

Trade Me featured a graphic designer by day and Spookers employee by night who found her calling through Trade Me Jobs, in its latest promotion. It gives new meaning to the ‘graveyard shift’.

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