Kiwi band uses Reddit love to promote film

New Zealand band The Naked and Famous has been chilling out in Los Angeles for the last year working on its latest album. In between waxing lyrical and enjoying the fruits of having musical talent, the guys (and one gal) have been travelling the world for their Passive Me, Agressive You tour which lasted around two years with over 250 shows in 24 countries.

The band has filmed a ‘live’ concert movie at its last gig from the tour, which is available for free online via download or YouTube. To promote the video The Naked and Famous took to Reddit two days ago, in a post that blew up to 1900 upvotes and over 800 comments.What started as a simple promotion quickly grew into a question and answer session with fans. 

Reddit is famous for its Ask Me Anything (AMA) threads and for a solid few hours Alisa Xayalith, Aaron Short, Thom Powers, David Beadle and Jesse Wood answered all the questions thrown by fans and new comers alike in their very Kiwi style.

Q: Who is actually typing this out? Is it the cute girl?

A: All of us (including the cute girl) have been sitting around the table drinking far too much coffee and going crazy on the replies. It’s been great fun. 

So far the hour-long YouTube video has had around 8,000 views and 1000 likes. StopPress has asked the band’s management how many times the movie has been downloaded since going on Reddit.

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