Kim Dotcom edges closer to the top of Time’s 100 list

Eccentric millionaire, technologist and alleged pirate Kim Dotcom is currently sitting at second on Time’s list of 100 most influential people in 2013. In the online poll Dotcom has around 82,000 supporters and 5,400 detractors for his position on the top 100 list.

He sits well behind Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi who is currently number one, but 11 places ahead of US president Barack Obama. There’s no shame in it for Obama, the people of the internet have decided he’s less influential than Psy, Jennifer Lawrence and Beyonce.

Dotcom’s approval rating is particularly high, with almost 94 percent of voters saying he should “absolutely” be on the top 100 list.

Of course this is an internet poll and with that comes a bias for an
influential figure in the technology community. At the end of the day it
will be Time’s editors who decide the order for its 100 Influential
People issue. The voting closes 12 April (US).

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