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kidspot 1Got young kids? Chances are you probably browsed one of these websites last week, the most visited sites according to Nielsen. Or perhaps not. Please tell us your recommended sites in the kids and family category.

The top five sites are all packed with advice, child development info, directories and shopping pages. Kidspot presents a visually interesting and comprehensive site in non-gender specific green and blue. Kiwi Families uses the same colour scheme on a simpler scale, but its vertical menu is a little harder to read, and points off for having a logo in comic sans. Needlesstosay, the content is all very relevant and earnest.

Oh Baby and Nappies Direct go for soft pastel palettes, while The Parenting Place has smart red and grey accents.

Apart from the latter, the rest have plenty of competitions, which is one of the best ways to keep browsers browsing. Oh Baby’s site is an excellent extension to its print offering.

Top five kids and family websites, unique browers

  1. kidspot.co.nz – 23,766
  2. kiwifamilies.co.nz – 8,646
  3. ohbaby.co.nz – 6,829
  4. nappies.co.nz – 1,772
  5. theparentingplace.com – 1,322

Source: Nielsen NZ Market Intelligence, for week of 12/10/09 – 18/10/09

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