Kids are beasts

‘Don’t work with animals or kids’ is a common principle thrown around advertising. However, Ziploc has conflated the core pillars of this piece of advice to produce an ad series that features animals serving as the beastly representations of an unruly children. 

Dubbed the ‘Little Beasts Series’, the collection of videos posted to the Ziploc YouTube channel show human parents and teachers talking about the struggles they are having with a very beastly assortment of kids. A spitting llama, a chair-chewing monkey and a heart-broken pig are just some of the characters that make an appearance during the three videos that have thus far been posted.  

And rather than overtly referring to Ziploc bags during the stories, the videos instead employ a product placement strategy, which illustrates how Ziploc bags can assist both parents and kids (there is however a more overt message at the end of the video).        

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