Kathmandu relaunches brand for first time in 30 years

In partnership with Special Group Australia, Kathmandu has relaunched its brand for the first time in 30 years, sharing a new brand platform which builds on the company’s heritage of improving people’s lives by getting out in nature.  

As a registered B-Corp, Kathmandu has always put people and planet first and is a leader in the environmental space. As part of this mission, ‘We’re out there’ aims to inspire a new generation to feel the benefits of being outside.  

Kathmandu Chief Customer Officer Eva Barrett led the global rebrand, and said today’s announcement has been more than 12 months in the making. 

Building off the insight that the benefits of being out in nature are universal, the new purpose and platform celebrates being out there in nature in a fun, spontaneous and inclusive way.  

Barrett says: “It’s not about climbing a mountain or what you do in the outdoors, but how the outdoors makes you feel. ‘We’re out there’ reflects the spirit and attitude of Kathmandu.

“Kathmandu has always known that being outdoors is transformative. Science has shown that it changes our brains for the better. When we spend time out there our stress goes down, our empathy goes up and we become more creative and happier.

“That means we act differently. Nature makes us more happy and open and free and fun. It’s a beautiful truth that Kathmandu wants to celebrate.” 

Along with the brand relaunch, Kathmandu is showcasing a range of jackets inspired by the vibrant colours of nature.  

Barrett adds: “One of the reasons nature can so profoundly affect us is because there is such an abundant variety of colour ‘out there’ – it stimulates our brains and delights our senses. Expanding our colour offering in our best loved, iconic styles, will have similar effects.” 

Special Group Creative Director, Nils Eberhardt, says: “We know being outdoors is good for us and changes us, for the better and sometimes even the weirder. By creating ‘We’re Out There’, we wanted to celebrate this truth and encourage more Aussies and Kiwis to get out and experience the freedom of the outdoors.” 

An integrated advertising campaign featuring ‘We’re out there’ consists of TV, radio, digital, PR and social. A refreshed brand identity is also part of the launch.   


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