Feel good potion: Colenso and Assembly champion the transformative effects of Just Juice

Colenso BBDO and Assembly have borrowed a few tips from The Incredible Hulk in a new Just Juice campaign that shows a series characters drinking juice and then transforming into different, more colourful versions of themselves. But rather than turning into a massive green monsters with temper problems, the black-and-white, 2D characters simply change into happier, colorful 3D versions of themselves.           

This creative idea is used in four 15-second spots, which each show different Just Juice characters exploding to life.    

“These spots were inspired by some of the ‘work-in-progress’ clips Assembly showed us during the production of the Just Juice brand ad,” says Colenso executive creative director Steve Cochran. “We loved the simplicity of the of the white backgrounds, and this gave us the chance to really show-off the great characters Assembly had created for us.”

The spots are all on YouTube and will be used in other channels (TV and online) over the next few months. 


Client – Scott Wright, Frucor
Executive Creative Director – Steve Cochran
Senior Account Manager  – Nico Ainsworth
Head of Planning – Andy McLeish
Agency Producer – Jen Storey
Production Company – Assembly
Sound – Frankin Road
Music (Artist / Title) – ‘We’re going to have a ball tonight”, Sal Valentine and the Babyshakes
Director – Damon Duncan, Assembly
Producer – Amanda Chambers, Assembly

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