The Joyful Birthing of StopPress Didge

Hello lovely residents of StopPressia, 

Today we launch the latest addition to the StopPress media empire: Didge.

Didge is a new section of the blog dedicated to digital advertising and the use of technology in marketing and media. More than that, it means the team at StopPress are doing even more to cover news about websites, app campaigns, social media, online video, search engine black magic and much more.

Why the name Didge? Like the folk writing it, Didge is just a bit different. We’re covering stories wider than than just”digi” and more interesting than “digital”. Didge is that perfect middle ground (also, I was unable to convince my editor Ben Fahy to change the name, it’s all really his fault).

The Didge 7-Step Plan for World Dominance:

  1. More news about digital advertising and marketing, with a focus on finding the most interesting uses of new technologies in New Zealand.
  2. Highlight awesome Kiwi companies and individuals who are making their mark on the world of digital media.
  3. Give the geeks their due, and tell the story behind the thousands of lines of code and hundreds of hours of screen-staring needed to create amazing things for the web and mobile.
  4. Review the gadgets that will either transform your company or frustrate the heck out of you in the future.
  5. ????
  6. Profit.
  7. World domination.

Digital advertising and media are essential parts of most campaigns. The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s latest insight report shows that online ad in New Zealand is up almost 10 percent from the last year to $363 million. Increasingly giants like Trade Me are having to cater to mobile, even more traditional media companies like TVNZ and Fairfax are changing their ways to meet the digital challenge head on. 

StopPress Didge will curate these journeys, and explore them  for you to keep you on top of your game. Starting today we’ll be sending a technology-specific newsletter every Thursday, which will include interviews with the technology influencers in the industry, and a look at the latest ways different agencies are using technology to win clients.

If you want to share your technology and digital stories with the world get in touch with [email protected] or @simantics .

Looking forward to all your Didge fan mail,

Sim Ahmed 

Didge Editor at StopPress.

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