Jono and Ben worthy travellers as Spark Kiwi-fies Heineken Dropped

Comedy duo Jono Pryor and Ben Boyce were the ideal stars for Kiwi versions of Heineken Dropped, an international franchise famous for taking blokes out of their comfort zone by dropping them in the middle of nowhere.

Spark Group says it was challenged several months ago by DB to bring the concept downunder. Dropped NZ featuring Jono and Ben at Ten is the local component of the broader Heineken The Voyage campaign, which Spark says aims to inspire Heineken drinkers to be travellers, not tourists.

PHDiQ digital director Mike Harland says the Kiwi campaign taps into the popularity of the pranksters’ Mediaworks show.

“Jono and Ben have done a really good job of creating content themselves that is entertaining and has that social shareability factor,” says Harland. “It was the right time to partner with them to leverage some of the following they’ve built up off the back of their last series.”

Heineken offered Spark some flexibility in creating a local flavour to the franchise, but it had to stay true to the values of the international versions, says Harland.

“Heineken has a strong perspective on what Dropped stands for, with the qualities of the Heineken man of the world overcoming obstacles and using your wit and intelligence to get through situations, celebrating as they overcome those challenges.”

Harland says the longer format – the videos are more than four minutes – are one example among other recent activity that shows viewers will stick with content if it’s entertaining and punchy. The content has had more than 40,000 YouTube views, Spark says.

The Kiwi campaign saw Jono and Ben dropped in Queenstown, handcuffed together. They had to travel to Fashion Week in Auckland to find a key to unlock the cuffs.

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