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Jason Paris has spoken out about his new appointment as chief executive of TV3 and C4.

In an interview with StopPress, Paris describes the move as exciting and a natural career progression.

“I’m massively, massively excited about the opportunity. I’ve taken the role to lead the team into new areas of broadcasting and interactive.”

With Rick Ellis already filling the role of chief executive at TVNZ, Paris says there was not going to be much opportunity to further progress in the career stakes at TVNZ.

“Rick’s doing a great job there. For me, the next career opportunity for chief executive was at MediaWorks.

“It’s an exciting opportunity. I’ve really enjoyed my time at TVNZ.”

Of announcing his departure to TVNZ, Paris says the public broadcaster took the news pretty well, especially Ellis.

“Rick has been outstanding through the process. I hope Rick and I will continue to have a fantastic working relationship and that Rick, myself and the rest of the executive team will be on good terms.”

Paris will not elaborate on the exact details of how the move came to fruition, saying only that it stemmed from a natural conversation.

With the move to the competition not set to take place until June, Paris is on garden leave from TVNZ for the next three months.

Unsurprisingly, he says his phone has been ringing every 10 minutes since 10am this morning, when news of the jump was announced.

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