Jaguar gets down with the kids

Jaguar drivers seem like they’d probably be more familiar with ‘tally ho old chap’ than ‘OMG! LOL!’. But that hasn’t stopped the premium car brand and its agency Big from using the line ‘WTXF?’ in a new campaign for its XF model that’s appearing on super-sized billboards in the main centres and on extra large online banners.  

The luxury segment in New Zealand has for years been dominated by the German brands, with a good battle being waged for top spot between Audi and BMW at the moment. But while some of the target market may be unsure of its meaning (“why the face?”), Big’s managing director Ant Salmon says using the phrase is an attempt to change perceptions around the brand and creative director Joe Holden says it “asks you to look twice at Jaguar”. 

Fellow Tata-owned brand Land Rover is certainly higher up the premium pecking order in New Zealand, with 37 new cars sold in June according to the MTA. Jaguar clocked in with 14 new cars sold, 11 of which were XFs and 13 of which were in Auckland (the other was in Palmerston North). 

Overseas, Jaguar has followed in the footsteps of other premium brands like Louis Vuitton and started ​dabbling in long-form content with the launch of its short film Desire

The film was shot by Ridley Scott and stars Homeland star Damian Lewis, as well as Spanish actor Jordi Mollà and American actress Shannyn Sossamon. The track, ‘Burning Desire’, is sung by Lana Del Ray. 

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