Izzy Dagg showers with his phone for Samsung

As with the vast majority of major multinationals, most of Samsung’s major television campaigns are made for the international market, meaning that the messages are often generic and not specifically geared at the Kiwi market.

But the growing prevalence of the online channel has made it more common for the regional arms of major organisations to make locally produced content.

This trend has now seen Samsung release a new YouTube clip that features rugby star Israel Dagg showing off the full range of features of the GS5.

Each scene in the video, which was which was conceptualised by Colenso BBDO and shot by Augusto, places emphasis on a different perk of the technological device. Dagg is shown speaking on the phone in the shower, using it measure his heart rate, taking 12-megapixel photographs and watching videos.      

But Samsung isn’t only limiting its local online messages to YouTube. In August, the company also activated its sponsorship deal with Dan Carter by having him sell his iPhone on Trade Me.

Both these campaigns share the hashtag #iwantaGS5, but the response from the Twittersphere has been moderate at best.

Samsung’s affiliation with rugby also extends beyond Kiwi borders, with the company currently sponsoring both the Australian and South African rugby teams (Samsung does not sponsor the All Blacks).

And while teams do play a role in the company’s sponsorship deals throughout the world, the company’s strategy predominantly involves the backing of players.

Lionel Messi, Maria Sharapova, Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron James, Usain Bolt and Ana Ivanovic are just some of the international stars on the Samsung payroll, and they often feature in promotional material for the company (interestingly, because Samsung isn’t in competition with sports brands, Nike-backed Ronaldo and Adidas-backed Messi are both able to appear in its ads).

And actors also seem keen for a cut of the Samsung sponsorship bounty:

But placing your brand message in the hands of celebrities comes with its risks. Despite being paid millions of dollars to use Samsung products, David Beckham, David Ferrer, Ellen DeGeneres and Jay-Z have all been caught in the awkward position of using iPhones instead.

And LeBron James, who signed a $100 million contract with the company, took the bold step of complaining about his Samsung Galaxy Tab on Twitter.


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