It’s not the sizzle, it’s the sausage

Harrington’s small goods is setting out to spread the meaty truth and destroy the sausagey lies with New Zealand’s first official Sausage Awareness Week. Of course, every week is unofficial sausage week in New Zealand, but the real one will run from 5-10 July and aims “to help Kiwis recognise that ‘what goes into the sausage goes into you'”.

What actually goes into sausages is one of the world’s great mysteries. Interestingly, old wives tales that might not be true state that a New Zealand sausage or other mystery meat must be made up of at least 40 percent ‘meat product’, which leaves room for 60 percent pure ‘other’. Some wanted the law changed so that a sausage would have to be at least 40 percent ‘meat flesh’, but, for some, it’s the floor scrapings that put the sizzle in the sausage.

The Wellington sausage-makers are keen to activate dialogue about modern day ‘snarlers’, so it will be bringing the small goods to the people with a series of free Sausage Seminars and sausage sizzles in central Wellington to raise awareness about the risks of “inappropriate sausage usage in their cooking”.

“With this campaign we hope to ‘close the gap’ with Australian living standards by raising New Zealanders’ awareness of what goes into quality fresh sausages and how best to enjoy them,” Angus Black, managing director of Harrington’s Small Goods (and possibly the name of the company’s next sausage variety) says.

Wellingtonian’s can support Harrington’s Sausage Awareness Week by registering to attend a free Harrington’s Sausage Seminar now via “Harringtons Sausage Awareness” on Facebook or SMS ‘Harringtons’ to 021 247 0882.

  • Apparently, there are only three animal parts that can’t be included in a sausage. Guess what they are and we’ll send you some of Harrington’s finest sausages, which hopefully won’t include any of those things.

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