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Not too long ago, comedian John Oliver took a jab at branded content, famously comparing it to finding raisins in a cookie and saying that it blurred the lines between editorial and promotional material. Oliver wasn’t the only one to raise these concerns about the way news media companies generate revenue. Commentators across the world had already been raising similar points for quite some time, before Oliver threw his satirical barbs into the mix.

However, as any good current affairs cartoonist will tell you, there’s never enough satire. And the team at South Park has added a bit more hilarity to the discussion on advertising and news through a new skit that shows the character Stephen contrasting the clean reading experience of student newspaper to the advertising labyrinth encountered online.

If anything, Stephen’s ramblings to his wife provide a pretty strong argument for the enduring appeal of print. As he explains: “This is just news. And I don’t get lost in all the bullshit.” 

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