Top five most viral videos of 2015 (so far)

If the  top five ads of 2015 (so far) are anything to go by, then agencies might want to rethink the rule of working with animals. 

“Friends Furever”, is a one-minute video for Android made by Droga5 which features animals cuddling, walking together and feeding one another was shared more than 6 million times making it the most viral video for 2015.

Animals have long been popular for advertising campaigns, as anyone who remembers Telecom’s (note to young people this is the company now called Spark) TVCs throughout the 1990s can attest.

Disney’s shadowing prank came in second place.

Buzzfeed’s brilliant story of the relationship between a man and his puppy rounded out the top three.

And while most of the the top five most viral videos for the year all feature animals, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo also made a cameo as a homeless man. 

Budweiser’s clydesdale made an appearance along with a puppy dog for the beer company’s 2015 Super Bowl ad and this one was shared 2.8 million times putting it in at number five on the list.

Given that the year is far from over and that clients are still likely to spend big on Christmas ads, the top five could certainly still change as the final weeks of the year roll on.

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