iPad takes the iBiscuit

The world – well, mainly the technorati – once again went temporarily gadget mad a few weeks back when Steve Jobs waltzed on stage, resplendent in a tucked in t-shirt and blue jeans, to show off his new iPad, Apple’s latest shiny weapon in the fight for convergence. And Nielsen has gathered a few numbers that show the product launch is about to break records when it comes to online discussion.

After the announcement the internet was awash with comments as users started preaching to the (mostly) converted. The publishing and media industries certainly didn’t need much converting, however: they were all a-flutter at the possibility that this new toy, which seems much more suitable for digital reading, might be a game changer for books, magazines and newspapers.

Apple has an amazing and much sought after knack to capture the attention of the masses when it releases a new product. But the iPad takes the biscuit.

  • Following its launch, iPad generated what is set to be a record for amount of online discussion, reaching peaks of around 40,000 comments in the space of less than an hour on Twitter. This is unprecedented for a new product launch.
  • A large percentage of iPad comments are seamlessly flowing or echoing through Facebook. At this stage, iPad looks set to break the all-time record for new product launch buzz … stay tuned!
  • In New Zealand, online discussion around iPad started off as a dribble in early January before peaking at over 750 comments in the week of the launch.
  • Apple’s website is one of the major vehicles of message spread, and a significant percentage of social media commentary is linking directly to the content on the website.
  • A large percentage of the website links are going directly to Apple iPad demonstration pages
  • Google search results are rapidly shifting around this product, embracing more reviews and CGM/social media sources.
  • iPad buzz is significantly surpassing any levels of online discussion around Toyota, the other big story of the moment, demonstrating that social media channels are not just an avenue for frustrated customers to vent, but also a forum for positive comments.

And if you want to check out what else is going gangbusters online at the moment, check out Nielsen’s new site Blog Pulse, where you can find your own online numbers for the most talked about videos, people and various buzz-worthy topics.

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