Inter-agency football tournament returns for round three

Shortly after his appointment as the new president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino* proudly announced that the third annual CAANZ Agency Football Tournament would be held at the end of April. 

At first, there was speculation that the event would not occur this year, following bribery allegations after OMD successfully defended its title last year. 

One source close to the matter said that he definitely saw instances of money changing hands at the last two events. He said fear of being ostracised from agency lunches convinced him that whistle blowing wasn’t worth it.      

OMD managing partner Andrew Reinholds brushed off the allegations and was combative in his response: “As always we’re looking forward to the event & a chance to give everyone another footballing lesson, particularly the hatchet men at Colenso. It’s always a great day”.  

As was the case during previous events, the tournament will again be held at the Seddon Fields facilities on Meola Road.

Those interested in entering should contact Mitch Lovich ([email protected]). But get in fast. There are only eight spots available.

*Infantino may or may not said this. He spoke in so many languages during his opening address that we became confused.  

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