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Much like the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards attracts a fair amount of interest from advertisers—and the latest edition was no different. This isn’t all that surprising. Major events like these bring audience numbers that brands are desperate to get in front of.

Even Google, with all its scale and reach and targeting and measurement capabilities, couldn’t help but run an ad campaign for Android during the event last night. The tech giant brought in the creative firepower of Droga 5 to develop a pair of spots for the event.

The first tells the heartfelt story of friendship between a rock, a piece of paper and scissors, while the second imagines a world in which all the keys of a piano play exactly the same note.      


What’s interesting about this is not that Google is producing video content, but rather that it’s using TV to broadcast these clips. Surely, with YouTube and its search capabilities, it could easily get its messaging in front of the people that it’s hoping to target?

However, as Google’s media spend shows, TV remains a powerful means by which to get immediate scale, especially when there’s popular programming being aired. 

In fact, figures published by Business Insider earlier this week showed that tech companies are some of the biggest contributors to overall TV ad spend in the UK: 

“Perhaps surprisingly, it was digital powerhouses like Facebook and Google which led this growth. Digital companies are often said to be taking away TV ad revenue, but on average they spent 60% of their own marketing budgets on TV ads in the UK. This totaled around £500 million (about $704 million). Facebook invested the most of any new TV advertiser at £10.8 million (about $15.2).”

Here’s a rundown of some of the ads that Facebook has run in the UK:     

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