Inside the March/April issue of NZ Marketing

There is plenty to get excited about in the first issue of NZ Marketing for the year – our Agency issue.

Speaking to local industry leaders they collectively talk of a growth trend spurred on by increased client trust, budgets and team creativity. This, they tell us is only expected to increase as the year progresses…

The state of Adlandia 2020

To go global or stay local? In our cover story Graham Medcalf talks to intrepid independent-agency owners and globally aligned stalwarts about the pros and cons of advertising independence. We hear from top industry reps about the state of the marketing sector and hear their thoughts and expectations for 2020.

We also put special focus on the ‘old’ and ‘new’ as we assess the state of Out-of-Home advertising and television. Outdoor Bounty focuses on the growth and innovation of Out-of-Home advertising, with a look into how the importance of sustainability is changing how the big players operate. Our feature on the state of television in New Zealand asks the hard(ish) questions on the landscape’s future (or lack of).

Innovative thinking is something that is going to help this industry evolve and change for the better. Our Behind the Scenes feature is a deep dive into WiTH Collective’s work on the ‘Sustainaball’ alongside ASB. These eco-creative collaborations are something we expect to see more of as the decade roars on.

Take a trip down memory lane and celebrate how far the industry has come in our 40 years of Axis Awards feature. Here we shine a spotlight on the winners of yesteryear by inviting guest commenters to lightly re-judge as to why they think these old classics deserved the grand prize.

Also inside this issue of NZ Marketing

Dentsu’s Ryan Jordan shares his own experience with mental health in the workplace and why it’s so important to talk about it, especially within the creative industries.

Plus, our regular features including; Up & comers, Horse’s mouth and thought-provoking opinion pieces.

As you page through the issue use the great minds that fill the pages as inspiration to reach new highs in 2020.

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