Infinite Dial 2023 study gives insight into Kiwi audio consumption

Data from The Infinite Dial 2023 study has been released by The Radio Broadcasters Association (RBA) and Edison Research and paints a picture of a “healthy” and “resilient” industry.

The Infinite Dial provides a single source view of audio usage covering radio listening and online platforms. First launched 25 years ago by Edison Research in the United States, it is now conducted in six countries and provides a range of market-by-market comparisons. This is the second time the study has been completed in New Zealand.

Alistair Jamison, CEO of RBA, says: “We are excited to get this data to market. The Infinite Dial 2023 gives us excellent insights into audio consumption across the full spectrum of formats, from radio to podcasting. It reflects a healthy industry with 92 percent of New Zealanders consuming audio on a weekly basis. Radio remains resilient and still has the greatest share of commercial audio audiences. Our online audio consumption is second only to Australia, and nearly half of us listen to a podcast each month, which is world leading. There is a truckload of great information in this study.”

Some of the key findings include:

  • 92 percent of NZ consume audio across a week. This is equivalent to video and 16 percent ahead of social media
  • 70 percent of NZ listen to radio each week, well ahead of the U.S. and Canada
  • 77 percent of NZ listen to streamed audio content across a week, also ahead of the U.S. and Canada
  • 46 percent of NZ listen to a podcast each month and 31 percent weekly
  • Those that listen to a podcast weekly, on average consume five episodes
  • Younger NZ (16-34) are showing growth in all online formats. 94 percent listen to streamed audio content each week and 60 percent listen to a podcast at least monthly
  • The growth of subscription audio and the difficulty reaching music streamers at scale on paid platforms

Larry Rosin, Edison Research President, says: “We are so pleased to see a second year of Infinite Dial New Zealand. Broadcasters, those involved in digital audio in all its forms, and advertisers should find the information highly useful as they consider their forward-going strategies. What is clear is that audio is extremely popular in Aotearoa – among the highest in all the nations we have performed the Infinite Dial survey.”

Jamison adds: “This research supports the huge opportunity that exists across the audio landscape. It demonstrates that advertisers should be exploring the full range of audio formats available to them and taking a total audio approach to their media planning.”

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